Sphere - Volume

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Sphere - Volume
Variable Instructions Datatype
`(r) "radius"` Enter the radius that defines the sphere Decimal (Length)
vCalc.Sphere - Volume

The Volume of a Sphere calculator computes the volume of a sphere (V) based on the radius of the sphere (r).

SphereVolume-illustration.png  Geometric Sphere 
INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose the length units and enter the following:

  • (r)  the radius of the sphere.

Sphere Volume: The Volume of the Sphere (v) is returned in cubic meters.  However, this can be automatically converted to numerous other volume units (e.g. cubic feet, gallons and barrels) via the pull-down menu. 

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The Math

The equation for the volume of a sphere is as follows:

           V = 4/3•π•r³

The volume of a sphere is a special case of the Volume of an Ellipsoid (CLICK HERE) where the three semi-axes (a, b, c) are all the same and equal to the radius (r)

           V  = 4/3 π•a•b•c

One can see that they are algebraically the same.

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