Speed of Circular Motion

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vCalc.Speed of Circular Motion

The Speed of Circular Motion calculator computes the speed (s) of a particle or point in uniform circular motion based on the radius (r) of the orbit and the period of rotation, T.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (r) This is the radius defining the orbit of circular motion.
  • (T) This the orbital period of rotation.

Speed of Circular Motion (v): The calculator computes the velocity in meters per second.  However this can be automatically converted to numerous other velocity units via the pull-down menu.

Exercise: Choose Years as the units for period, and Astronomical Units as the unit for radius.  Then enter 1 as the value for both.  The resulting velocity is the speed that the Earth travels about the Sun.  Then use the pull-down menu to see the result in miles per hour (mph).

The Math

The angular frequency is the number of increments of `2*pi` radians (`2*pi` radians is one complete rotation) divided by the period of the rotation, outputting simply rotations per unit time.

The distance around the circular path is ` d = 2*pi*r` (`2*pi` radians is one complete rotation) and then  `v = d / T` is the velocity.

So, `v = (2*pi*r) / T`  

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