Centripetal Acceleration

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vCalc.Centripetal Acceleration

The Centripetal Acceleration calculator computes the centripetal accelerationCentripetalAcceleration-illustration.pngCircular Motion which is the acceleration directed toward the center of a circular motion with constant angular velocity. 

INSTRUCTION: Choose your preferred units for length and velocity and enter the following:

  • (r) - radius of the constant circular motion
  • |v| - magnitude of the tangential velocity

Centripetal Acceleration: The calculator computes the resulting Centripetal Acceleration (a) in units of meters per second squared.  However, the user can automatically convert this to other acceleration units via the pull-down menu.

Note than if a mass is moving in this circular motion and is affected by this acceleration due to changing angular velocity, that mass will feel a force along the vector direction of `vec(a_"rad")`. 

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