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The Cost of Shingles on a Roof calculator computes the cost estimate for shingles to cover a roof based RoofShinglecost-illustration.pngroofing diagramon the area of a roof (both sides of a gable) in square feet (ft2) and on the unit price of a 33.33 ft2 bundle of shingles. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following;

  • (L) Length of area covered by the roof
  • (W) Width of area covered by the roof
  • (P) Pitch of the roof
  • (uP) Unit price of a bundle (see Unit Price below)

Total Cost of Shingles on a Roof: The calculator returns the cost of shingles for the roof in U.S. dollars.  However, this can be automatically converted into other currency units via the pull-down menu. 

General Information

The roofing shingle cost equation provides an estimate of materials cost for shingles on a roof based on the roof's area and on the price of shingles.  To calculate the area, the user enters the length and width dimensions of the area covered (see diagram) and the pitch.  vCalc uses these dimensions to calculate the are covered. Note: vCalc provides automatic conversions of the input lengths into numerous units.  Any unit price must be for 33.33 ft2 of shingles which is a standard bundle. 

This is only an estimate, and may vary based on the price of shingles that you purchase. Furthermore, it does not include the cost of ridge shingles, under cover (tar paper or felt), or other materials such as flashing, nails and glues.  

Unit Price

One should always use the local pricing of materials available.  However, for convenience, a periodic survey of materials is made.  The price points for 33.33 ft² bundles are as follows:

The pricing data is gathered periodically from nationally advertised prices on the websites of DIY providers such as (Lowes and Home Depot).  The data is saved in a vCalc data repository (table).

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