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vCalc.V3 - Unit Vector

The Unit Vector calculator, U = V/|V|, computes the unitV3 - Vector.png Vector in three dimensions vector (U) for a vector (V) in Euclidean three dimensional space.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Enter the following:

  • (V): Enter the x, y and z components of V separated by commas (e.g. 8,2,5)

Unit Vector (U): The calculator returns the unit vector (U).

The Math / Science

To compute the Unit Vector, this calculator:

  1. Accepts a three dimensional vector with X, Y and Z components of vector (V),
  2. Calculates the magnitude of the vector |V|,
  3. Uses scalar multiplication to divide each of the vectors components by the magnitude. 

The result is a vector (U) that points in the same direction as the original vector (V), but with a magnitude of one.

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