Gas Mileage

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vCalc.Gas Mileage

The Gas Mileage equation computes the average distance traveled per unit volume of fuel (e.g. miles per gallon).  The default units are miles and gallons, but the user can also use kilometers and liters or any combination of distance and volume units.


  1. Choose your units for distance (e.g. miles)
  2. Enter your distance value
  3. Choose your volume units (e.g. gallons)
  4. Enter your volume value
  5. Choose the output you'd like to see, MPG: Miles per gallon or KPL: Kilometers per Liter

This answers the questions:

  • What is my average miles per gallon? MPG
  • What is my average kilometers per liter? KPL
  • What is my average gasoline consumption?
  • What is my average petrol consumption?
  • What is my average diesel consumption?

A related computation is Fuel per Mile.

See Also

  • Fuel per Mile:  This computes the fuel consumed per unit traveled (e.g. gallons per mile).