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This Astronomical Distance computes the distances from the Earth to the selected astronomical objects.  For objects in our solar system, it assumes the shortest distances when the object are at the closest parts of their orbits.


  • Click on the Earth to pull-down menu above and choose an astronomical body.

Distance: The calculator returns the distance to the object.  The pull-down menu for the results can automatically convert the answer to a large list of distance units including miles, nautical miles, kilometers, astronomical units (ua), light seconds, light minutes light years, parsecs, megaparsecs and kilolight-years.

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The Astro Distance equation calculates the shortest distance between the Earth and celestial bodies.  The shortest distance for planetary objects is calculated as the difference between the planet's distance from the Sun and the Earth's distance from the Sun.   This implies that the returned distance is the linear distance between the Earth and the planet when they are in-line with and on the same side of the Sun.


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