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K3L-Mass from Period and Separation Resolving Power of a Telescope Distance from absolute and apparent magnitude
K3L-Period from Mass and Separation Magnification of a Telescope Relative Luminosity from relative size and temperature
K3L-Separation from Mass and Period speed from delta lambda and lambda Relative Size from Relative Temperature and Luminosity
Difference in magnitudes from Flux Ratio Wavelength shift from speed and wavelength Relative Temperature from Relative size and luminosity
Flux Ratio from Magnitudes Blackbody wavelength from Temperature mass of extra-solar planet from M, r and R
SAF-Angle from size and distance Blackbody Temperature from peak wavelength mass of extra-solar-planet from M, v and V
SAF-Size from Distance and angle Mass from Acceleration and Radius radius from speed and period
SAF Distance from Size and Angle Mass from Speed and Separation Speed of Circular Motion
Mass from Luminosity Luminosity from Mass Hubble Time
Photon Wavelength from Energy Photon Energy from Wavelength Hubble Law
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The Astronomy Calculator includes functions that are useful for studying astronomy. Formulae beginning with "K3L" are derived from Kepler's 3rd Law. Formulae beginning with "SAF" relate to the so-called "Small Angle Formula".

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