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The Weight of a Pipe's Contents calculator computes the weight or mass (M) of the contents of a section of a pipe based on the interior diameter (d) ofpipe.png                      Section of Pipe    circular conduit or pipe, the length (l) of the pipe and a (μD)mean density of its contents. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (d) Inner diameter of the pipe. 
  • (l) Length of the pipe.
  • (μD) Mean density of contents.

    Mean Density of Common Substances

    • 1,000 kg/m3 - Pure Water
    • 1,022 kg/m3 - Sea water
    • 1,037 kg/m3 - Milk
    • 860 kg/m3 - Olive Oil
    • 885 kg/m3 - Diesel Fuel
    • 870 - 920 kg/m3 - Crude Oil
    • 890 kg/m3 - Fuel Oil
    • 789 kg/m3 - Ethanol
    • 737 kg/m3 - Gasoline (petrol)
    • 1,442 kg/m3 - Cement Slurry

Weight or Mass of the Contents of a Pipe (W):  The calculator returns the weight in pounds.  However, this can be automatically converted to compatible units (e.g. kilograms) via the pull-down menu.

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The Math / Science

The equation for the volume of a pipe is:

  • M =π⋅(d/2)2⋅l⋅mD


For the mean density of other substances, you can use the mean density lookup function by CLICKING HERE.  With other mean densities, the user can calculate the content weight of a pipe containing fluids such as diesel fuel, alcohol or sludge.


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