Ventilation Rate per Person

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`Rp = `
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The Ventilation Rate per Personcalculator computes the ventilation rate per person based on the flow rate of fresh air, volume of the space, occupant density and the ceiling height.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (q) This is the flow rate of fresh air into the space
  • (v) This is the total volume of the space (e.g. volume of a room)
  • (D) This is the area per occupant (e.g. 64 square feet)
  • (h) This is the height of the ceiling

Ventilation Rate (Rp):  The calculator returns the ventilation rate in cubic feet per minute. However, that can be automatically converted to compatible units via the pull-down menu.

Ventilation Calculators

The Math / Science

The formula for ventilation rate per personis:

    `R_p = (q / v) * (D*h)`


  • Rp = ventilation rate per person
  • q = fresh air flow through the room (Cubic Feet per Minute,  cfm)
  • v = volume of the room (Cubic Feet)
  • D = occupancy density
  • h = height of the ceiling