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General Plumbing
Rolling Offsets (run)
Rolling Offsets (travel)
Square Diagonal
Box Diagonal
Equivalent Volumetric Flow (with NPS Choices)
Equivalent Volumetric Flow (with NPS & friction)
Pipe Flow Volume
Pipe - Volume
Pipe - Contents Weight
Cylinder Tank - Volume
Cylinder Tank - Contents Weight
Spherical Tank - Volume
Spherical Tank - Contents Weight
Rectangluar Tank - Volume
Rectangular Tank- Weight
meanDensity Lookup
Snow Water Equivalent (SWE)
Capillary Rise
Pore Water Pressure
Pressure Head
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The General Pluming Calculator formulas include the following: plumbing1.png                                Rolling Offset Lengths  

  • Rolling Offsets (Run)  – The Rolling Offset (Run) function computes the run length a rolling offset based on the offsets and fittings. (see diagram).
  • Rolling Offsets (Travel)  – The Rolling Offset (Travel) function computes the travel pipe length a rolling offset based on the offsets and fittings. (see diagram).
  • Diagonal of a Square - This is a simple calculation to assist in computing the diagonal of a square. diagonal.png                          Diagonal of a Square 
  • Diagonal of a Box - This computes the length of the diagonal of a box (T) based on sides of length R, S and U.

The Flow Equations equations include:

  • Counting the number of smaller diameter pipes are needed to match the flow of larger pipes.
  • Flow Rate - This computes flow rate based on the total volume and the time it took to accumulate.
  • Pipe Flow Volume  - This computes the total volume from a pipe based on the flow rated and the duration of flow.

The Volume and Weight equations include the volume and content weight of:

The Other equations include:

  • Capillary Rise - The height of water in a small tube due to capillary force.
  • Snow Water Equivalence - The volume of water created by an area and depth of snow.
  • Pore Water Pressure - Pressure of uplift from the water table.
  • Pressure Head - The Potential Gravity-Fed Water Pressure from a Tank (a.k.a. Pressure Head) equation calculates the water pressure that can be realized below a tank based on the height of storage.

The mean density (mD) can help the user calculate the content weight of containers (pipes and tanks) that hold substances other than water (e.g. diesel fuel or sludge).  The calculations require the user to enter the dimensions of the object (e.g. pipe, tank) to compute the volume.  For the weight equations, use the dimensions and the mean density of the substance in the object.  Note: The mean density of water is 1,000 kg / m3. Use this in the mass/weight equations to approximate the weight of water in the tank or pipe.

See Also

  • Common Mean Densities - This equation returns the mean density of hundreds of substances.  If something beside water (~1,000 kg/m2) is in the pipes or tanks, the mean density for that substance may be in this list. 
  • House Builder - This is a foundation, framing and roofing calculator.