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The Gold Calculator calculates the current bullion value for pure gold (SPOT), scrap gold and commonly traded coins such as the U.S. SovereignObverse.pngSovereignReverse.pngBritish SovereignGold Eagle, South African Krugerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf, and the British Sovereign.  

Gold Calculator Functions:

General Information

The Gold Calculator has equations providing the current value of gold, gold scrap and gold coin inclusive of the current bullion price for of a few well known gold coins.  It also provides the current Spot price for selected precious metals. It uses the characteristics of well known coins such as the Krugerrand, Gold Eagle and Maple Leaf to determine the bullion value based on the current precious metals market price.  The equations also allow for a numismatic value to be added to the equation. Currently, all the values are returned in U.S. dollars.MapleLeafReverse.pngMapleLeafObverse.png    Canadian
  Maple Leaf 

The Gold Value equation computes the refined gold value based on the following factors:

  1. weight
  2. purity (karat)
  3. refinement cost (%)
  4. profit (%).  The profit is the jeweler's expected profit that is included in the buy price or value of the gold you will receive.

The Alloy Value equation is similar to the Gold Value equation except it allows you to choose gold and other metals (platinum, palladium and silver) and it take the purity as a percentage. For example, Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure and fine silver is 99.9% pure.KrugerrandReverse.pngKrugerrandObverse.pngKrugerrandEagleObverse.pngEagleRevers.pngU.S. Gold Eagle


This calculator currently has equations for the Krugerrand, Gold Eagle, Maple Leaf, and British Sovereign.  Each equation uses the current spot price, the coin's weight and the percent of precious metal (karat) to formulate the bullion value for the number of coins.  The equations also provide for a unit numismatic value that can be added per coin.


The Gold Spot equations show the current market price for the specific precious metal.


Coins that are minted with precious metals fluctuate in value based on the bullion content of the coin.  Different coins have different weights and different percentages of precious metals.  This calculator uses the publish weight and purity of the coins with the current spot price of the precious metal to provide an useful estimate of the current market value of the bullion in the coins.  The equations also provide an input for the numismatic value of coins that is added to the bullion value.  

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