rotary engine equivalent displacement

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The Rotary Engine Equivalent Displacement calculator 170px-Wankel_Cycle_anim_en.gifcomputes an approximate equivalent engine displacement value (volume) for non-reciprocating engines based on the swept volume of a rotary engine (e.g. Maza rotary, Wankel) .

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your units (default is cubic inches) and enter the following:

  • (SV) Swept Volume
  • (n) Number of pistons

Engine Displacement The calculator returns the engine volume in cubic inches.  However, the volume can be automatically converted to other volume units (e.g. cubic centimeters) via the pull-down menu.  For the Total Displacement (volume) of Piston Engine, CLICK HERE.

The Math / Science

The formula for the Rotary Equivalent Displacement is:

     D = (SV/3) • n


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