Water in Tank Weight

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The Weight of the Water in a Tank calculator computes the weight of water based on the radius (r) of the tank and the height (h) of the water column in the tank.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the preferred units and enter the following: CylinderWeight-illustration.pngInside of cylindrical water tank
(e.g. hot water tank)

  • (r) The radius of the tanks (1/2 the diameter).
  • (h)  The height of the column of water in the tank.

Weight of Water: The calculator returns the weight of water in pounds.  However this can be automatically converted to other weight/mass units (e.g. kilograms or tons) via the pull-down menu.

The Math / Science

This calculator uses the computed volume of the cylindrical tank (the water filled portion) and the mean density of water (approximately 1000 kg/cubic meter) to calculate the mass of the water.  With the volume of the cylindrical tank, this formula then executes the simple equation below to compute the approximate mass of the object.

       Mass = Volume ⋅ Density

To query the mean density (mD or μD) of many common substances, elements, liquids and materials, CLICK HERE (e.g. the density of water is 1,000 kg/m³.

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