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Astro Travel Time
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The Astro Travel Time calculator computes how long it would take to travel from the Earth to different places in space 220px-Planets2013.jpg  Our Solar System at various speeds.  The speed include real and theoretical (Warp Speeds). 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the following:

  • Speed:  Choose the speed from the list at which you will be travelling.
  • Earth to ... : Choose the place in space to which you're travelling.

The Astro Travel TIme calculator will compute the time it will take to get there.  

 The speeds include miles per hour, MACH, 28000 km/h (Space Shuttle speed), 9,600 mph (NASA probe speed "DAWN"), Full Impulse power (Star Trek), light speed, and warp speed (Star Trek). The distances between the Earth and the objects within the solar system assume the shortest distances possible between the objects when their orbits are aligned on the same side of the sun.

Fun Stuff

The Star Trek speeds are based on two formulas.  First, Full Impulse power is one fourth (.25) of the speed of light.  Second, velocity is equal to WARP MilkyWay.png  Milk Way Galaxy and location of the Suncubed times the speed of light.
             Velocity = w³ • C  where w is WARP.
Therefore, WARP 1 is the speed of light, WARP 2 is eight (2³) the speed of light, WARP 3 is twenty seven (3³) times the speed of light, and so on, according to some STAR TREK blogs.

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