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The Price Comparison by Weight calculator compares two items given their price and weight or mass in different currency (e.g. U.S. dollar vs Chinese Yuan) and weight/mass (e.g. kilograms vs pounds) units.  To price compare three items by weight or mass, CLICK HERE.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose your preferred weight and currency units and enter the following:

  • (APrice)  This is price of Item A
  • (AMass) This is the weight or mass of Item A.
  • (BPrice) This is the price of Item B
  • (BMass) This is the weight or mass of Item B.

The calculator makes the currency and unit conversions and identifies which item is less expensive and by what percentage.

This calculator is intended to help you save money by comparing the price/weight of items to determine which is the better buy.  


  • To convert between mass and weight units, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the total cost of something priced by mass or weight, CLICK HERE.
  • To compare the cost of three items priced by mass or weight, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the amount of time required to produce or consume a mass or weight based on a rate, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the mass or weight produced or consumed over a specific time based on a rate, CLICK HERE.

Mass and Weight Units

The default unit in this calculator is kilograms (kg).  However, this calculator has a very powerful engine that makes automatic conversions.  You can choose to make your price comparisons between amounts in any of the following units:
The mass and weight units available include the following:

vCalc's Mass / Weight Units
(mg) milligrams (oz) ounces (gr) grain(me) electron mass
 (g) grams (lb) pounds (ct) carat(u) atomic mass
 (kg) kilograms tons (U.S.) (dwt) pennyweightEarth Mass
 (t) metric tonstons (U.K.)troy ounceSolar Mass

To our science friends.  Yes we know that mass and weight are not the same. However, if you're making comparisons on the surface of the Earth, a reasonable conversion can be made between pounds (a weight or force) and kilograms (mass).  

Currency Units

This calculator uses vCalc conversion engine for currencies.  The exchange rate is updated between the following currencies every few minutes:

Current U.S. Dollar EquivalentAustralian Dollar1.422 AUD
Brazilian Real3.731 BRLCanadian Dollar1.312 CAD
Swiss Franc0.983 CHFChinese Yuan6.872 CNY
EU Euro0.892 EURGB Pound0.802 GBP
Indian Rupee68.893 INRJapanese Yen108.01 JPY
Mexican Peso19.047 MXNRussian Ruble63.032 RUB
U.S. Dollar$1.00 USDS. African Rand13.865 ZAR


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