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This previous set of discussions on the Universe are meant lead to this section, where we use the definitions we have composed to illustrate what is truly amazing about some of our latest discoveries about our Universe.  We are not trying to uncover every facet of the Universe.  For more information on the physics of the universe, see the textbook housed inside vCalc:  Light and Matter.

NOTE: many vCalc equations are embedded throughout vCalc descriptive pages like this page.  Even though they may not stand out in the text, if you hover over the name of an equation it will likely be linked to an actual, pop-up executable equation. For example: [Could not locate page MichaelBartmess.Force of Earth's Gravity]

To describe "today's" most important discoveries we have to explicitly define "today".  I am writing from 17 September 2016, from the vantage point of an aerospace engineer who does not reviewr that much of the news on a daily basis.


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