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This page describes the most current theories of the universe, of gravity, of the nature of everything that I understand.  I apologize if I haven;t captured the absolute latest theories here.  Science, especially astrophysics, never, ever stands still.  Science is ALWAYS pushing forward. 

It is funny how often through the centuries some short-sighted person has proclaimed that science has reached that pinnacle where everything is known.  If you ever hear that or see that written, that there is nothing else to learn in science because breakthroughs have led us to all there is possible to know, just guffaw.  Break out in a hearty laugh and point and shout at the individual who proclaims such nonsense.  The are mad, crazy as a loon, totally bonkers.

No mater what possible Star Trek future we envision, no sane scientist will EVER suggest that they have learned all there is to know within even their own specialty or chosen discipline.

And now back to our discussion of current theory.

NOTE: many vCalc equations are embedded throughout vCalc descriptive pages like this page.  Even though they may not stand out in the text, if you hover over the name of an equation it will likely be linked to an actual, pop-up executable equation. For example: [Could not locate page MichaelBartmess.Force of Earth's Gravity]

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