The Universe-Index 16

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The Universe Index

This page is a table of contents with links to chapters in a vCalc Collection's discussion of interesting features and phenomena of our Universe.  It includes topics of extreme interest in today's scientific community. 

These pages also have the unique feature of vCalc enabled formulas.  Wherever the user sees a solvable formula, vCalc has activated a link behind the formula that pops-up a calculator with that formula pre-loaded.  This give the reader the ability to use the formula in an accurate calculator at moment they encounter it.  Furthermore, at the top of every page is a formulary box containing a quick reference of all of the formulas that appear in the chapter.

This vCalc collection is an index into the different vCalc enabled discussions Created by Michael Bartmess.

Table of Contents

Click on the name of a discussion (chapter) to navigate to the page containing that chapter.


  • vLength by vCalc
  • Astro Travel Time by vCalc
  • Standard Deviation (SD) by MichaelBartmess