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The Length of a Lever calculator (y = x • W/F ) lever.png  Lever with beam (x+y) and fulcrum.computes the length (y) on the force side of the fulcrum to lift an object by leverage.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (F)  The downward force (weight) opposite the fulcrum from the object.
  • (W) The weight of the object being lifted by the lever.
  • (x) The length of the beam on the object's side of the fulcrum (see diagram)

The calculator computes the length of the beam (y) in meters.  However this can be automatically converted to other length units via the pull-down menu.


If you set up a lever (beam and fulcrum), this formula will tell you the length needed to lift the mass.  Assume you put your full weight on the end of the beam, 200 lbs, and that you want to lift 1,400 lbs.  This formula will tell you that if there is 6" of the beam on the mass side of the fulcrum, you weight needs to be at the 3.5 foot (42 inches) mark on the other side to lift the object.

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