Sandbag Weight

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The Weight of Sandbags calculator computes the approximate weight of a group of (N) sandbags based on an average weight (W) of a single bag.

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following:

  • (N) The number of sandbags.
  • (W) The weight of an individual sandbag.  (default is 30lbs)

Weight of Sandbags (TW): The calculator returns the total weight of the sandbags in pounds.  However this can be automatically converted to other weight and mass units (e.g. kilograms or tons) via the pull-down menu.

Sandbag Calculators:

The Math / Science

A typical sandbag is between 14" to 18" wide and 30" to 36" deep.  When filled 50% with sand or similar material, the average weight is 30 lbs.  The Total Weight of Sandbags formula uses that value as the default in calculating to total weight of filled sandbags.

The formula for the weight of sandbags is:

     TW = N•W


  • TW = total weight of sandbags
  • N = Number of sandbags
  • W = Average Weight of individual sandbags

Considerations should include the safe load of one's vehicle for transporting sandbags. The typical half ton truck is rated at 1,000 pound load.  33 bags of 30 pounds each would be slightly less than that limit.