RPM of 4th pulley on 3 shafts

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KurtHeckman.RPM of 4th pulley on 3 shafts

The RPMs of the 4th pulley on 3 shafts equation calculates the RPMs of a pulley when the RPM and Diameters are known for a series of pulleys on three axles (see diagram).
PulleyTransfer.png                    THREE AXLE TRANSFER 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (D1)  The diameter of the first pulley.
  • (D2)  The diameter of the second pulley.
  • (D3)  The diameter of the third pulley.
  • (D4)  The diameter of the fourth pulley.
  • (RPM1) The RPMs of the first pulley.

RPMs of the 4th Pulley on 3 shafts: The calculator computes the RPMs of the fourth pulley (RPM4).

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