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The Cost of Floor Joists calculator computes the cost of lumber based on the unit price and the number of joists required for a floor based on the dimension of the room.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:FloorJoistcost-illustration.png

  • (W)  width of the floor across joists
  • (L) length of the floor parallel to the joists
  • (oC) On-center separation between joists (default to 16 inches)
  • (uP) Unit Price of a floor Joist board

TOTAL PRICE: The calculator computes the number of floor joist boards needed and applies the unit price to compute a total cost in U.S. dollars. However, this can be automatically converted into other currency units (e.g. Pesos) via the pull-down menu.

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The Math / Science

ASSUMPTIONS: this algorithm assumes that the following:

  • the length of the area is less than or equal to the length of one joist.  For spans greater than the length of one joist, a beam is often required and a second row of joists.  This would double the number and cost of joists.
  • the plate boards are approximately the same size as the joists.

Unit Pricing

One should alway use local pricing for the unit price of a supply like lumber for floor joists.  However, for convenience, the following prices were observed on the Internet and presented for your convenience