Apsis-Apocenter (minimum speed)

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EmilyB.Apsis-Apocenter (minimum speed)

The Apsis-Apocenter Minimum Speed calculator computes the minimum speed in an orbit at apogee based on the semi-major axis (a), eccentricity (e), the mass of the primary body (M), and the Universal Gravitational Constant (G).

INSTRUCTION: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (M) This is the mass of the primary body.
  • (a) This is the semi-major axis of the orbit
  • (e) This is the eccentricity of the the orbit

Maximum Orbital Speed(Vap): The calculator returns the velocity in meters per second.  However this can be automatically converted to compatible units via the pull-down menu.Apogee.png
The apsides indicate the nearest
and furthest points of an
orbiting body around its host.
(1) farthest - apocenter
(2) nearest - pericenter
(3) focus - primary

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The Math / Science

The Apsis-Apocenter is an extreme point in an object's orbit. For elliptical orbits about a larger body, there are two apsides. This is commonly known as the apogee. The apocenter is the point furthest away from the object being orbited.

The formula for the Apsis-Apocenter minimum speed is:

`v_(ap) = sqrt ( ((1-e)mu)/((1+e)a) ) `



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