Force of Gravity

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vCalc.Force of Gravity

The Force of Gravity calculator computes the gravitational force between two masses (m1 and m2) separated by a specified distance (D).

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred mass and distance units and enter the following:

  • (m1) This is the mass of object 1
  • (m2) This is the mass of object 2
  • (D) This is the distance between the objects.

Force of Gravity (F): The force of gravity is returned in newtons.   However, this can be automatically converted to other force units via the pull-down menu.

Note: vCalc provides special mass and distance units for application in space sciences.  The mass units include Earth Mass, Jupiter Mass and Solar Mass.  The distances include Astronomical Units (ua), Light Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days and Years, Parsecs, Kilo-Parsecs and Kilo-Light Years. 

The Science

The Force of Gravity equation computes the gravitational force between two masses.  In this equation, the masses are treated as point masses separated by a specified distance. The Force of Gravity equation is as follows:

         F = (G•m1•m2)/D²