Kinematic Viscosity

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The Kinematic Viscosity (ν) calculator computes kinematic viscosity (ν) based on the ratio of viscosity (μ) and the density of a fluid (ρ).

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (μ) viscosity of a fluid 
  • (ρ) density of a fluid

Kinematic Viscosity (ν):  The calculator returns the kinematic viscosity in m²/sec.

The Math / Science

Kinematic viscosity is also known as momentum diffusivity.  Kinematic Viscosity (ν) is the ratio of dynamic viscosity (μ) and the density of a fluid (ρ).  Since, μ is in units of (kg/m²)/ sec and ρ is kg/m³, the Kinematic Viscosity is expressed in units of m²/sec.  The formula for kinematic velocity is:

              υ = μ / ρ


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