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The Volume Unit Conversion calculator converts a measurement of volume from one set of volume units to another.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred volume units and enter the following:

  • (V1)  This is the input volume.

Volume: The calculator echos back out put volume in the same units chosen for V1.  However, this can be automatically converted in to many other volume units (see below) via the pull-down menu.


  • To compute the total cost of something priced by volume, CLICK HERE.
  • To compare the cost of two items priced by volume, CLICK HERE.
  • To compare the cost of three items priced by volume, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the time to produce, consume, fill or drain a volume based on a rate, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the volume produced, consumed, filled or drained over time based on a rate, CLICK HERE.

Use Case

Example:  Enter 1,000,000,000 (without the commas) while leaving the units on the entry field set to cubic meters (`m^3`) and the multiplier (k) set to the default of one.  You have entered 1 billion cubic meters as the input to the conversion.

Then on the output select kilometers cubed (`km^3`) as your units.  vCalc will confirm that 1 billion cubic meters is equivalent to 1 cubic kilometer.

1,000,000,000 `m^3` = 1 `km^3`

This conversion equation answers many, many questions, such as:

  • how many teaspoons in a gallon?
  • How many cubic millimeters in a liter?
  • How much is a dash?
  • How much is a smidgen?
  • How much is a pinch?
  • How many cubic feet in a cubic meter?

Volume Units

Volume is a three dimensional quantity, and can be computed by the product of three orthogonal lengths (V = l • w • h) or by an area times an orthogonal length (V = A • d).  

    vCalc's Length Units
(mm3) cubic millimeters (m3) cubic meters Liquid Ounce (U.K.) (bu) Bushel tablespoon
 (cm3) cubic centimeters (in3) cubic inch Liquid Ounce (U.S.) smidgen cup
 (mL) milliliters (ft3) cubic foot Liquid Gallon (U.S.) pinch pint
 (L) Liters(yd3) cubic yard Dry Gallon (U.S.) dash quart
 (km3) cubic kilometers (mi3) cubic mile Liquid Gallon (U.K.) teaspoon barrel

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