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vCalc Pressure Conversion calculator converts a measurement of pressure from one set of units to another unit of your choice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose pressure units and enter the following:

  • (IP) This is the input pressure in the original units chosen via the input pull-down menu.  See list below.

Pressure Conversion (OP):  The calculator outputs the pressuring in the original units.  Then you can automatically convert the output pressure to any compatible pressure units via the pull-down menu.

Pressure Units

  • Pa - pascals
  • kPa - kilopascals
  • mmHg - millimeter of mercury
  • inHg - inch of mercury
  • bar - defined to be exactly 100 kPa
  • atm - atmospheres
  • N/mm2  - Newtons per millimeter squared
  • N/cm2  - Newtons per centimeter squared
  • lbs/in2  - pounds per inch squared

The above pressure units are currently supported for all inputs and outputs in vCalc using pressure.  To request additional units, please click on the the green "Not finding what your looking for?" menu bar and make a request.  We are happy to help.

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