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vCalc.vMolar Mass

This vCalc molar mass conversion equation converts the input measure of molar mass into other chosen units of molar mass.


Molar Mass is a physical property defined as the mass of a substance divided by the amount of the substance.  The amount of the substance is typically measured in moles.

The units of molar supported by vCalc for conversions are:

  • g/mol - grams per mole
  • kg/mol - kilograms per mole (the base SI1 unit for molar mass)
  • kg/kmol - kilograms per kilomole
  • mg/mol - milligram per mole
  • oz/mol - ounce per mole
  • lb/mol - pound per mole

To perform conversion, enter the numeric number of units you want to convert and pull-down the menu to select the units associated with your input value.

The results will be displayed in the default molar mass units and you can pull-down the units selection menu to change the output units to your desired converted units.

For example: if you enter 302.1 and leave the default input units as g/mol as your input molar mass unit, the display will show a resultant 302.1 g/mol output.  If you then select oz/mol as your output units, the output is automatically converted to 10.6562639049682 oz/mol.

Example: if you enter 1000 and select kg/kmol as input units, you can convert to lb/mol  by simply selecting lb/mol as the output unit. vCalc would convert 1000 kg/kmol to 2.20462262184878 lb/mol.

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