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vCalc.vMass Flow Rate

This Mass Flow Rate conversion equation converts the input measure of mass flow rate into other units of mass flow rate that you choose.


Mass Flow Rate is the amount of heat content in a system at a constant pressure. The change in enthalpy is related to a change in internal energy or a change in the volume.

The units of mass flow rate supported by vCalc for conversion are:

  • kg/s
  • kg/min
  • kg/h
  • g/s
  • lb/s
  • lb/min
  • lb/h

To perform conversion, enter the numeric number of units you want to convert and pull-down the menu to select the units associated with your input value.

The results will be displayed in the default mass flow rate units and you can pull-down the units selection menu to change the output units to your desired converted units.

For example: if you enter 105.5 and leave the default input units as kg/s as your input mass flow rate, the display will show a resultant 105.5 kg/s output.  If you then select lb/min as your output units, the units are automatically converted to  13955.2611963027  lb/min

Example: if you enter 1000 and select g/s as input units, you can convert to lb/s by simply selecting lb/s as the output unit. vCalc would convert 1000 g/s to  2.20462262184878 lb/s.

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