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vCalc.Weight or Mass over Time

The Weight or Mass Produced or Consumed over Time calculator computes the weight or mass (MW) of material produced or consumed over a period of time based on the unit of weight or mass (vU), time to produce or consume the unit (dU) and the period (p) of production or consumption.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose your preferred weight or mass units and enter the following:

  • (vU)  This is the weight or mass of a single unit (e.g. 12 oz can)
  • (dU)  This is the time (duration) that it takes to produce one unit (e.g. 3.2 seconds  per can)
  • (p)  This is the production or consumption period (e.g. 3 weeks).

The calculator will return the total mass or weight (MW) produced or consumed over the period in time.  The mass will be in kilograms, but can be automatically converted to many other weight or mass units (e.g. pounds, ounces or tons) via the pull-down menu.  To compute the Time required to Process, Produce or Consume a Mass or Weight, CLICK HERE.

Production and consumption of materials over time can be estimated or measured based on the average production or consumption rate of a unit.  This calculator measures the units as weights or mass such as ounces, pound, tons, grams, kilograms and metric ton.  With this calculator you can determine how much volume is produced or consumed over time.


  • To convert between mass and weight units, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the total cost of something priced by mass or weight, CLICK HERE.
  • To compare the cost of two items priced by mass or weight, CLICK HERE.
  • To compare the cost of three items priced by mass or weight, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the amount of time required to produce or consume a mass or weight based on a rate, CLICK HERE.

Mass and Weight Units

The mass and weight units available include the following:

vCalc's Mass / Weight Units
milligrams ounces grainelectron mass
 grams pounds caratatomic mass
 kilograms tons (U.S.) pennyweightEarth Mass
 metric tonstons (U.K.)troy ounceSolar Mass

 vCalc provides automatic conversions between mass and weight units.  A Mass/Weight Conversion Calculator can be found by CLICKING HERE.  

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