Velocity [Distance, Time]

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vCalc.Velocity [Distance, Time]

The Average Velocity calculator computes the velocity (V) based on the change in position (Δx) and the change in time (Δt).

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose your units for length (e.g. feet or meters) and time (e.g. minutes or days) and enter the following:

  • (Δx)  Change in distance
  • (Δt)   Change in time

Velocity(V): The calculator computes the velocity (V) in meters per second (m/s).  However this can be automatically converted to numerous other velocity units (e.g. mph) via the pull-down menu.

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The Math

  The formula for average velocity is:

     v = Δx / Δt


In vector notation this can also be represented as the difference between two position vectors separated in time:

     `|v_"Avg"|`  = `(|Deltavecr|)/(Deltat) = |vecr_2 - vecr_1| / (t_2 - t_1)`


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