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General and Physical Units
Length Area Volume
Time Velocity Acceleration
Angle Angular Velocity Angular Acceleration
Frequency Mass Density
Temperature Pressure Flow Rate
Force Energy Mass Flow Rate
Stress Torque Moment of Inertia
Kitchen Units
Amount of Substance Molar Mass Enthalpy
Fluid Resistance Permiability DynamicViscosity
Periodic Table
Charge Current Capacitance
Magnetic Flux Magnetic Flux Density Electric Field Intensity
Power Radioactivity Radiation Dosage

The Unit Conversion calculator is a  powerful units converter for a large set of unit categories (see list below).


  1. Choose your units category (e.g. length) and click on that button
  2. Enter your value and choose your input units via the pull-down menu (e.g. 2.2 feet)
  3. vCalc will echo back your value and units  (e.g. 2.2 feet)
  4. Using the pull-down menu next to the results, select the other units you wish (e.g. meters)
  5. vCalc will convert your inputs to those units (e.g. 0.67056 meters)

Unit Categories

The unit conversions are in three sections: General and Physical, Chemical and Fluids, and Electro Magnetism Radiation

General and Physical

  • Length            -    Area                         -    Volume
  • Time                -    Velocity                   -    Acceleration    
  • Angle               -    Angular Velocity    -    Angular Acceleration
  • Frequency      -    Mass                        -    Density (Common Mean Densities)
  • Temperature -    Pressure                 -     Flow Rate
  • Force               -    Energy                    -     Mass Flow Rate
  • Stress              -    Torque                   -     Moment of Inertia

Note: Kitchen Units is a special unit conversion utility.  It allows the user to enter any volume (e.g. 13.59 Liters) and it converts the volume into a combination of English kitchen units (e.g. 13.59 Liters = Gallons(3) Quarts(2) Cups(1) 1/4 Cups(1) Tbsp(3) tsp(0.2))

Chemical and Fluids

  • Amount of Substance        -     Molar Mass       -    Enthalpy
  • Fluid Resistance                 -      Permeability     -    Dynamic Viscosity

Electro Magnetism Radiation

  • Charge            -         Current                              -    Capacitance
  • Magnetic Flux -        Magnetic Flux Density    -    Electric Field Intensity
  • Power               -        Radioactivity                    -    Radiation Dosage


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