Signal-to-Noise Ratio(dB)

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vCalc.Signal-to-Noise Ratio(dB)

The Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) calculator computes a relative measure of the strength of the received signal (i.e., the information being transmitted) compared to the noise. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following.        SNR = 20 * log10(S/N) 

  • (S)  This is the signal strength in dB
  • (N) This is the noise strength in dB

SNR: The calculator returns the SNR in dB.

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The Math / Science

The formula employed in this SNR calculator is as follows:

     SNR = 20 * log10(S/N)

The SNR is typically measured in units of decibels (dB), a unit of measure that some think is used by electrical engineers primarily to confuse computer scientists. The SNR, measured in dB, is twenty times the ratio of the base-10 logarithm of the amplitude of the received signal to the amplitude of the noise.