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General Chemistry

vCalc's Chemistry library contains information that goes with Chemistry formulas (e.g. PV=nRT) and data constants (e.g. Gas Constant - R) related to the properties and composition of matter.  Some of the most common formulas are based on well known laws:Periodic_table.png
   by: Element Name or Atomic Number

  • Ideal Gas Law:    PV = n•R•T
  • Charles Law:    `V_1``T_2` = `V_2``T_1`
  • Boyles Law:    `P_1``V_1` = `P_2``V_2`
  • Gay-Lussac Law:      `T_1``P_2` = `T_2``P_1`
  • Combined Gas Law:    PV / T = k

Chemistry is the physical science which examines the composition, structure, properties and behavior of matter. It focuses on atoms, their interactions with other atoms and phenomena such as the forming of chemical bonds between atoms to create chemical compounds. In chemistry, matter is defined as anything that has rest mass and volume (it takes up space) and is made up of particles.

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General Chemistry Equations

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