Periodic Table

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vCalc.Periodic Table

The Periodic Table utility provided all of the data from the period table based on the name of the element.   Periodic_table_(polyatomic).svg.png                                  The Periodic Table

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the following:
• Name of the element (choose from list).  
• Data Item (choose from list).

  • Number (Atomic Number)
  • Symbol
  • Atomic Weight (au - atomic mass units)
  • Melting Point (Co)
  • Boiling Point (Co)
  • Density (Kg/m3)
  • Year Discovered
  • Ionization Energy (eV - electron volts)
  • radius - empirical (pm - picometers)
  • radius - calculated (pm - picometers)
  • radius - van der Waals (pm - picometers)
  • Group (representing column in Periodic Table

Periodic Table Data: The calculator returns the data time selected for the element matching the selected name of the element.  Note: in many cases the data is returned with standard vCalc units, e.g. degrees Celsius for the melting point.  In these cases, the answers can be automatically converted into other units via the pull-down menu.  To lookup values in the Periodic Table based on the Atomic Number, CLICK HERE.


Thanks to Wikipedia for the graphic of the Periodic Table.