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The Bible Calculator contains equations for converting measurements in units from the Bible (e.g. cubits and ephahs) to modern units (e.g. meters and liters).


The Bible was written between 3,500 and 2,000 years ago and by authors in different civilizations ranging from ancient Babylon and Egypt to the Greco-Roman era.  The Bible often refers to amounts and distances in the units of those civilizations.   This calculator provides the means to convert amounts in those ancient units to a wide variety of modern choices.  
There are three main groups of Biblical units:

  • Length Units - stadion, cubits, spans and handbreadths
  • Weight Units - talents, minas, shekels, pims, bekas and gerahs
  • Volume (Capacity) Units  (Dry and Liquid)
    • Dry Units: core (homer), lethek, ephah, seah, omer
    • Liquid Units: bath, hin, kab and log
  • Currency Units:
    • daric coin (1/4 once or 8.5 grams)
    • denarius coin: one day's wages


Click on the button for the category above (e.g. Bible Length), select the ancient unit (e.g. cubits) from the pull down menu and enter the value of the amount (e.g. 100 cubit).  vCalc will return the amount in a modern unit such as meters or feet, and provide a pull-down menu to automatically convert it to other units in the category (e.g. feet, inches, centimeter, miles, kilometers).


In Genesis chapter 6, the Bible provides the account of Noah's Ark.  The dimensions of the ark are given as follows:

  • 300 cubits long
  • 50 cubits wide
  • 30 cubits high

Use this calculator to see how big Noah's ark really was.

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