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KurtHeckman.meanDensity Lookup

The mean density look-up equation provides the mean density for a large number of substances.  

  • Click on the pull-down menu and scroll through the alphabetical list to find the substance you wish.

The mean density is returned in kilograms per cubic meter.  However, this can be automatically converted to other density units via the pull-down menu.  The other density units include the following:

  • kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3)
  • pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft3)
  • metric tons per cubic meter (t/m3)
  • U.S. tons per cubic yard (tn/yd3)
  • ounces per cubic inch (oz/in3)

Uses of Mean Density

With the mean density (μD) of an object, one can compute the mass of the object via the following equation:

            mass = μD • volume


The list of substances and their mean densities have been compiled from a large number of public sources.  The substances include the following:
Acetic Acid, Acetone, Acetonitrile, Actinium, Afromosia, air, Alcohol - ethyl, Alcohol - methyl, Alcohol - propyl, Alfalfa - ground, Alum - lumpy, Alum - pulverized, Alumina, Aluminum - 1100, Aluminum - 6061, Aluminum - 7050, Aluminum - 7178, Aluminum - melted, Aluminum - oxide, Aluminum (aluminium), Aluminum foil, Ammonia (aqua), Ammonia gas, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate - dry, Ammonium Sulphate - wet, Analine, Andesite - solid, Antifriction metal, Antimony, Apple wood, Apples, Arsenic, Asbestos - shredded, Asbestos rock, Ash - black, Ash - white, Ashes - dry, Ashes - wet, Aspen wood, Asphalt - crushed, Automobile oils, Babbitt, Bagasse, Bakelite - solid, Baking powder, Balsa, Bamboo,Barite - crushed, Barium, Bark - wood refuse, barley, Basalt - broken, Basalt - solid, crushed Bauxite, castor Beans, cocoa Beans, navy Beans, soybeans, various Beers, Beeswax, Beets, Bentonite, Benzene, Benzil, Beryllium, Copper - beryllium, Bicarbonate of soda, Birch (British), Bismuth, blood, bone, pulverized Bones, fine Borax, Bran, Brass, 60/40 Brass, admiralty Brass, casting Brass, red Brass, rolled and drawn Brass, yellow Brass, Brewers grain, chrome Brick, common red Brick, fire clay Brick, magnesia Brick, silica Brick, Brine, Bromine, Aluminum (3-10% Al) Bronze, lead Bronze, Manganese Bronze, phosphorous Bronze, Bronze (8-14% Sn), Brushed metal, Buckwheat, Butane, Butter, Butyric Acid, Cadmium, Caesium, Calcium, Calcium carbide, Caliche, Caproic acid, Carbolic acid, carbon, Carbon - powdered, solid Carbon, Carbon dioxide, Carbon disulfide, Carbon monoxide, Carbon tetrachloride, Cardboard, Carene, Castor oil, red Cedar, Cement - clinker, mortar Cement, portland Cement, Cement slurry, Cerium, fine Chalk, lumpy Chalk, solid Chalk, Charcoal, Chloride, Chlorobenzene, Chloroform, powdered Chocolate, flake Chromic acid, Chromium, Chromium ore, coal Cinders, furnace Cinders, Citric acid, compacted Clay, dry excavated Clay, dry lump Clay, fire Clay, wet excavated Clay, wet lump Clay, Clover seed, anthracite coal, broken anthracite Coal, solid Anthracite coal, loose Bituminous coal, broken Bituminous coal, Bituminous coal, lignite coal, Cobalt, Cobaltite ( cobolt ore ), Coconut - meal, shredded Coconut, coconut oil, fresh Coffee beans, roasted Coffee beans, Columbium, common red brick, concrete, Asphalt Concrete, Gravel Concrete, Limestone with Portland Concrete, Constantan, Copper, Copper ore, ground Copper sulfate, Copra - expeller cake chopped, Copra - expeller cake ground, Copra - meal - ground, Copra - medium size, ground Cork, solid Cork, Corn - grits, Corn on the cob, shelled Corn, Cotton, Cotton seed oil, lumpy caked Cottonseed, dry de-linted Cottonseed, dry not de-linted Cottonseed, Cottonseed hulls, Cottonseed meal, Cottonseed meats, Cottonwood, Creosote, Cresol, Crude oil - 32.6ø API, Crude oil - 35.6ø API, Crude oil - 40ø API, Crude oil - 48ø API, California Crude oil, Mexican Crude oil, Texas Crude oil, Cryolite, Cullet, Culm, Cumene, Cupronickel, Cyclohexane, Cyclopentane, Cypress, Decane, Delta metal, Dichloromethane, Diesel fuel oil 20 to 60, Diethyl ether, Diethylene glycol, Dimethyl Acetamide, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, dirt, Dodecane, lumpy Dolomite, pulverized Dolomite, solid Dolomite, Douglas Fir, Duralumin, dense Earth, raw Fullers Earth, dry excavated loam Earth, moist excavated Earth, packed Earth, soft loose mud, wet excavated Earth, Ebony, Electrum, Electrum, English Elm, Rock Elm, Wych Elm, Emery, Eroded metal, Ethane, ethanol, Ether, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethyl Ether, Ethylamine, Ethylene Dichloride, Ethylene glycol, Europium, fat, pulverized Feldspar, solid Feldspar, acid phosphate fertilizer, fire clay brick, Fish - meal, Fish - scrap, Flax, whole Flaxseed, silica Flint, wheat Flour, Flue dust, Fluorine refrigerant R-12, Fluorspar lumps, pulverized Fluorspar, solid Fluorspar, Formaldehyde, Formic acid 10% concentration, Formic acid 80% concentration, Freon - 11, Freon - 21, Fuel oil, Fullers Earth - raw or burnt, Furan, Furforol, Galena ( lead ore ), Gallium, household rubbish or garbage, Gas oils, Gasoline - Petrol, Germanium, broken or cullet glass, common glass, densest flint glass, lead crystal glass, window glass, Glucose, Glue - animal - flaked, vegetable powdered Glue, Gluten - meal, Glycerin, Glycerol, Glyme, Gneiss - bed in place, broken Gneiss, Gold, Barley Grain, Maize, Millet, Wheat, broken Granite, pulverized Granite, solid granite, flake Graphite,  dry 1/4 to 2 inch gravel, loose - dry gravel,  wet 1/4 to 2 inch gravel, natural gravel with sand, Gummite ( uranium ore ), broken Gypsum, crushed Gypsum, pulverized Gypsum, solid Gypsum, Hafnium, broken Halite (salt), solid Halite (salt), Hastelloy, Hemp, Heptane, Hexane, Hexanol, Hexene, Hydrazine, Hydrochloric acid 40%, ice, crushed Ice, Ilmenite, Indium, Iodine, Ionene, Iridium, Iroko, iron, cast iron, iron ore (Hematite), wrought iron, Iron oxide pigment, Iron Pyrites, dry Iron sulphate - pickling tank, wet Iron sulphate - pickling tank, Isobutyl Alcohol, Iso-Octane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Ivory, green crushed Kaolin, pulverized Kaolin, Kerosene, Lanthanum, Larch, Lead,red Lead, white pigment Lead, Leather, Light alloy based on Al, Light alloy based on Mg, dry Lignite, Lignum Vitae, hydrated Lime, quick fine Lime, quick lump Lime, large stone Lime, lump stone Lime, wet or mortar lime , broken Limestone, pulverized Limestone, solid Limestone, broken Limonite, solid Limonite, Linolenic Acid, Linseed - meal, whole Linseed, Linseed oil, Lithium, dry Locust, lupins, magnesia brick, solid Magnesite, Magnesium, Magnesium oxide, crystal Magnesium sulphate, broken Magnetite, solid Magnetite( iron ore ),African Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, Malachite ( copper ore ), Malt, solid Manganese, Manganese oxide, Manganin, Manure, Maple, broken Marble, solid Marble, wet excavated, MEK,Mercury,Methane,Methanol,Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK),Methyl Isobutyl Ketone,Methyl n-Propyl Ketone,Methyl t-Butyl Ether,Mica - broken,Mica - flake,Mica - powder,Mica - solid,milk,Milk - powdered,Molybdenum,Molybdenum ore,Monel,Mortar - wet,Mud - fluid,Mud - packed,muscle,N -N-Dimethylformamide,Naphtha,Naphtha - wood,Napthalene,n-Butyl Acetate,n-Butyl Alcohol,n-Butyl Chloride,Neodymium,Nichrome,Nickel,Nickel - rolled,Nickel 20,Nickel 200,Nickel ore,Nickel silver,Nickel silver,Nickeline,Nimonic,Niobium,Nitric acid - 91%,Nitrogen,N-Methylpyrrolidone,n-Propyl Alcohol,Nylon,Oak,Oak - red,Oats,Oats - rolled,Ocimene,Octane,o-Dichlorobenzene,Oil - petroleum,Oil cake,olive oil,Olive oil,Osmium,Oxygen,Oxygen (liquid),Oyster shells - ground,Palladium,Palmitic Acid,Paper - standard,Peanuts - not shelled,Peanuts - shelled,Peat - dry,Peat - moist,Peat - wet,Pecan wood,Pentane,Pentane,Petroleum Ether,Phenol,Phosgene,Phosphate rock - broken,Phosphorus,Phytadiene,Pine ( Canadian ),Pine ( Oregon ),Pine ( Parana ),Pine ( Red ),Pinene,Pitch,Plaster,platinum,Platinum ore,Plutonium,Porcelain,Porphyry - broken,Porphyry - solid,Potash,Potassium chloride,Potatoes - white,Propane,Propane - R-290,Propanol,Propylene,Propylene Carbonate,Propylene glycol,Pumice - stone,Pyridine,Pyrite (fool's gold),Pyrrole,Quartz - lump,Quartz - solid,Quartz sand,Rape seed oil,Redwood ( American ),Redwood ( European ),Resin - synthetic - crushed,Resorcinol,Rice - hulled,Rice - rough,Rice grits,Rip-Rap,Rock - loose shovel,Rosin,Rosin oil,Rubber - caoutchouc,Rubber - ground scrap,Rubber - manufactured,Rye,Sabiname,Salt - course,Salt - fine,Salt cake,Saltpeter,Sand - dry,Sand - loose,Sand - rammed,Sand - water filled,Sand - wet,Sand - wet - packed,Sand with Gravel - dry,Sand with Gravel - wet,Sandstone - broken,Sandstone - solid,Sawdust,Sewage - sludge,Shale - broken,Shale - solid,Shells - oyster,Silane,Silk,Silver,Sinter,Slag - broken,Slag - crushed,Slag - furn. granulated,Slag - solid,Slate - broken,Slate - pulverized,Slate - solid,Snow - compacted,Snow - freshly fallen,snow (depth hoar),snow (firn granular),snow (glacier ice),snow (new damp),snow (settled),snow (very wet),snow (wind packed),Soap - chips,Soap - liquid,Soap - powdered,Soap - solid,Soapstone talc,Soda Ash - heavy,Soda Ash - light,Sodium,Sodium Aluminate - ground,Sodium Hydroxide ,Sodium Nitrate - ground,Solder 50/50 Pb Sn,Sorbaldehyde,Soy beans - whole,Soya bean oil,Spruce ( Canadian ),Spruce ( Sitka ),Starch - powdered,Stearic Acid,steel,steel - Stainlessÿ,Stone - crushed,Stone (common - generic),Styrene,Sugar - brown,Sugar - granulated,Sugar - powdered,Sugar - raw cane,Sugar solution 68 brix,Sugarbeet pulp - dry,Sugarbeet pulp - wet,Sugarcane,Sulphur - lump,Sulphur - pulverized,Sulphur - solid,Sulphuric Acid 95% conc.,sun,Sunflower oil ,Sycamore,Taconite,Talc - broken,Talc - solid,Tanbark - ground,Tankage,Tar,Teak,Terpinene,Tetrahydrofuran,Tin,Titanium,Tobacco,Toluene,Trap rock - broken,Trap rock - solid,Triethylamine,Trifluoroacetic Acid,Tungsten,Turf,Turpentine,Uranium,Vanadium,Walnut - black - dry,water,Water - sea,Whale oil ,Wheat,Wheat - cracked,White metal,Willow,Wood chips - dry,Wool,Zinc,zinc - ore (Hemimorphite),Zinc oxide,zinc - ore (Smithsonite ),Zirconium

See Also

The mean density values are useful in calculating the mass and weight of object containing or comprised of the substance. 

  • Mass / Weight Calculator -  Calculator that uses dimensions of objects of various shapes and a mean density provide an approximate mass or weight.