Sandbag (time to fill)

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The Time Required to Fill Sandbags calculator computes the approximate amount of time to fill (labor hours) a number (N) of sandbags.

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following:

  • (N) This is the number of sandbags.
  • (P) This is the number of people filling sandbags.

Labor Hours (LH): The calculator returns the number of hours required by the workforce to fill the sandbags. 

Sandbag Calculators:

The Math / Science

The Labor Hours to Fill Sandbags is based on the average of twelve (12) sandbags filled in an hour per person (P).  The Labor Hours to Fill Sandbags calculator helps you determine the amount of time that a group of people will need to fill and stack sandbags on site to build a sandbag wall.  It's based on the paper Sandbagging for Flood Protection by Dr. Hellevang captured int he Sandbag Wall Calculator. Note: The results of this Labor Estimate Calculator assumes continuous work, meaning no significant work stoppages waiting for supplies or taking long breaks (like a night's sleep).  These factors must be taken into consideration in larger projects.

To be prepared for a flood with a sandbag dike, you need: