Sandbag (time to fill)

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Sandbag (time to fill)
Variable Instructions Datatype
`(N) "Number of sand bags"` Enter the number of sandbags to be filled. Decimal
`(P)"Number of helpers/workers"` Enter the number of people working on bagging. Decimal
KurtHeckman.Sandbag (time to fill)

The Time Required to Fill Sandbagscalculator computes the approximate amount of time to fill (labor hours) a number (N) of sandbags based on the average of twelve (12) sandbags filled in an hour per person (P).  

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following:

  • (N) This is the number of sandbags.
  • (P) This is the number of people filling sandbags.

Labor Hours: The calculator returns the number of hours required by the workforce to fill the sandbags.  

Note: The results of this Labor Estimate Calculator assumes continuous work, meaning no significant work stoppages waiting for supplies or taking long breaks (like a night's sleep).  These factors must be taken into consideration in larger projects.

General Information

This calculator helps you determine the amount of time that a group of people will need to fill and stack sandbags on site to build a sandbag wall.  It's based on the paper Sandbagging for Flood Protection by Dr. Hellevang captured int he Sandbag Wall Calculator

To be prepared for a flood with a sandbag dike, you need: