Glide Ratio

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The Glide Ratio calculator computes the glide ratio based on the change in forward distance and the change in altitude.

INSTRUCTION: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (ΔS)  This is the forward distance traveled.
  • (ΔH)  This is the change in altitude. 

Glide Ratio (ε): The calculator returns the Glide Ratio as a real number.  

The Math / Science

The Glide Ratio is the ratio of distance forward to distance downwards when a glider is flown at a constant speed in still air. The glide ratio varies with air speed, but there is a maximum value which is frequently quoted. Glide ratio usually varies little with vehicle load; a heavier vehicle glides faster, but nearly maintains its glide ratio. 

The following formula is used:

  ε = ΔS / ΔH


  • ε = Glide Ratio
  • ΔS = distance of forward travel
  • ΔH = altitude change in forward travel

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