(muD) Cottonseed (meal)

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`muD("Cottonseed - meal") = "593.0 kg/m"³`
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vCollections.(muD) Cottonseed (meal)

The Mean Density of Cottonseed - meal is 593.0 kg/m³

Mean Density

The mean density, or more precisely, the mean volumetric mass density, of a substance is the average mass per unit volume of a substance in its most common or naturally occurring state.  The vCalc symbol for mean density is `muD`.  The standard units for mean density are kilograms per cubic meter.  However, vCalc provides automatic conversions to other units via the pull-down menu including:

  • (lb/ft3): pound per cubic foot
  • (g/cm3): grams per cubic centimeter
  • (t/m3): metric tons per cubic meter
  • (ton/yd3): tons (U.S.) per cubic yard
  • (oz/in3): ounces per cubic inch

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See Also:

  • Mean Density Lookup: This function allows the user to choose from over 500 substances and provides the mean density.


Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density