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This vCalc Enthalpy conversion equation converts some input amounts of enthalpy into other units of enthalpy.


Enthalpy is the amount of heat content in a system at a constant pressure. The change in enthalpy is related to a change in internal energy or a change in the volume.

The units of enthalpy supported by vCalc for conversion are:

  • J/mol
  • kJ/mol
  • BTU/mol
  • ev/mol
  • erg/mol

To perform conversion, enter the numeric number of units you want to convert and pull-down the menu to select the units associated with your input value.

The results will be displayed in the default Enthalpy units and you can pull-down the units selection menu to change the output units to your desired converted units.

For example: if you enter 105.5 and leave the default input units as J/mol as your input enthalpy, the display will show a resultant 105.5 J/mol output.  If you then select BTU/mol as your output units, the units are automatically converted to  0.099994706193055  BTU/mol

Example: if you enter 1000 and select BTU/mol as input units, you can convert to kJ/mol by simply selecting kJ/mol as the output unit. vCalc would convert 1000 BTU/mol to 1055.05585262 kJ/mol

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