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vCalc.vElectric Field Intensity

This electric field intensity conversion equation converts some input amount of electric field intensity into other units of electric field intensity.


Electric Field Intensity is the strength of an electric field. It is defined as the force per unit charge experienced by a small charge placed at a specified point or location. The common unit of measurement is the volt/meter.

The units of electric field intensity supported by vCalc for conversion are:

  • N/C   (newtons per coulomb)
  • kgf/C (kilogram force per coulomb)
  • lbf/C (pound force per coulomb)
  • V/m  (Volt per meter)
  • V/ft   (Volt per foot)
  • V/in (Volt per inch)

To perform conversion, enter the numeric number of units you want to convert and pull-down the menu to select the units associated with your input value.

The results will be displayed in the default electric field intensity units and you can pull-down the units selection menu to change the output units to your desired converted units.

For example: if you enter 205.8 and leave the default input units as N/C as your input electric filed intensity unit, the display will show a resultant 205.8 N/C output.  If you then select V/ft as your output units, the units are automatically converted to 62.72784  V/ft.

Example: if you enter 1000 and select V/in as input units, you can convert to kgf/C  by simply selecting kgf/C as the output unit. vCalc would convert 1000 BTU/mol to 4014.63075975562 kgf/C.

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