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vCalc.vElectric Charge

This vCalc Electric Charge conversion equation converts the input measure of electric charge into other units of electric charge that you choose.


The electric charge is the fundamental conserved property of matter which causes matter to be affected by a force in an electromagnetic field.

Two types of electric charges exist, positively charged and negatively charged matter. Matter of the same types (either positive or negative) repel each other.  Negatively and positively charged matter (matter of opposite charge) attract each other.  


The units of electric charge supported by vCalc for conversion are:

  • C - coulombs, the standard SI unit of electric charge
  • Fd - Faraday, the charge equivalent of one mole of elementary charges (e)
  • e - elementary charge or atomic unit of charge
  • Fr - the franklin, or statCoulomb (statC) 


To perform conversion, enter the numeric number of units you want to convert and pull-down the menu to select the units associated with your input value.

The results will be displayed in the default electric charge units and you can pull-down the units selection menu to change the output units to your desired converted units.

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