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The Cost of Bulk Concrete calculator computes the price of bulk concrete including delivery based on mileage and on-site pumping cost.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (uP) This is the unit price of concrete per cubic yard of concrete.
  • (V) This is the volume amount to be delivered (e.g. 4.2 cubic yards)
  • (pC) This is the price per cubic yard for pumping on site (See Other Considerations below).
  • (M) This is the distance to be traveled to deliver concrete (e.g. 24.2 miles)
  • (MR) This is the price per mile for transportationChile concrete house construction .jpgHouse construction in Chile 

The calculator computes the total price of delivered bulk concrete in U.S. dollars.  This is a price that can be quoted to the consumer.  It is assumed that all other taxes and fees are either included in the unit prices or added to the result of this equation.  The price units for this calculator are in United States Dollars (USD).  However, the calculator can automatically convert into numerous other currencies.  NOTE: the unit volume is a cubic yard (CY). 

Other Considerations (Pumping Costs)

Most people often forget Concrete Pumping Costs.  One should remember to allow $/CY for pumping costs as the safest way to cover yourself. Typically anywhere from $13-$16 per CY will get your concrete pumped into your formwork. So you might include that as an option in-case someone needs that as it will add up in a hurry if you miss it. And that allowance will cover the cost of the pump truck into the site and back to their yard.

Good Cost for pumping Concrete: $13-16/CY   

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  • Special thanks to David for his industry knowledge.