Work of Gravity

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vCalc.Work of Gravity

The Work of Gravity calculator computes the work achieved by Earth's gravity moving an object of a certain mass (M) from an initial position (y1) to a final position (y2).

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the preferred units and enter the following:

  • (m) This is the mass of the object.
  • (y1) This is the initial vertical position.
  • (y2)  This is the final vertical position.

Work of gravity (Wgrav): The calculator returns the work in Joules.  However, this can be automatically converted to compatible units via the pull-down menu.  Note: this formula uses the constant acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the Earth 9.80665 m/s2.

The Math / Science

The formula for the work done by gravity is:

W= m•g•y1 - m•g•y2



University Physics 12th Edition, Chapter 7, Equation #7.1