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The  Work calculator uses the equation, W= F⋅cos(θ)⋅x, to computes the work done when a force (F) is applied to move a mass some distance (x) at an angle (θ) to the direction of the force.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the preferred units and enter the following:

  • (F) - This is the force applied
  • (θ) -  This is the angle between the force applied and the direction of motion.
  • (x) - This is the distance the mass is moved

Work (w):  The calculator returns the work in Joules (J).  However, this can be automatically converted to compatible units via the pull-down menu

General Information

Work in this equation is a function of a constant force, |F|,  in the direction of (F). Since the Force may not be in the same direction as the movement of the mass, the user can also include an angle (θ) for the angular difference between the direction of movement and the direction of the force (F). 

The standard SI unit for Work is a Joule (J) when the input parameters are also in SI units (newtons and meters).

A more general representation of this work= force*distance relationship integrates the force applied over the distance spanned, x.