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vCalc.Wall - Stud cost

The Wall Stud Cost calculator computes the cost of studs in a wall based on the number of studs WallStudcost-illustration.png        Wall with studs.needed to build a wall and the unit price of a stud. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred length units (e.g. feet or meters) and enter the following:

  • (l) The length of the wall.
  • (oC) The on-center spacing of the studs.  The default is 16", but you can enter a different value if you wish.
  • (uP) The unit price of a stud (see Pricing below).

The calculator computes the number of studs needed for the wall (CLICK HERE) and the appropriate cost in U.S. dollars.  However, this can be automatically converted into other currency units via the pull-down menu.  Note: the number of studs does not include the base nor top plates since longer boards are often used for those.

Unit Pricing

You should used the pricing of boards that is truly available to you locally.  However, a recent inquiry on the Internet for lumber shows the following prices for boards that could be used as framing studs.  These values could be used in the unit pricing (uP) above.

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