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The Time for Volume calculator computes the period of time (P) needed to process a total volume (TV) of material at a volumetric rate.  The volumetric rate is a unit of volume (vU) and the time to produce or consume the unit (dU) (e.g. 5.6 liters every 22 minutes).

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred volume and time units and enter the following:

  • (vU)  The unit volume amount (e.g. 2.3 liters)
  • (dU)  The time to process a unit volume amount (e.g. 1.2 milliseconds)
  • (TV) This is the total volume processed (e.g. 720 barrels)

Time for Volume (P): The calculator computes the period of time in seconds.  However, this can be automatically converted to other time units (e.g. minute, hours, days or years) via the pull-down menu.  To compute the Volume Produced over Time, CLICK HERE.

Production and consumption of materials over time can be estimated or measured based on the average production or consumption rate of a unit.  This calculator the amount of time need to process a total volumes based on the volume processing rate. 



Production examples:

  • A dairy wants to know how long it will take to process 216 total gallons of milk if it can process 4.5 gallons(`vU`) of milk every 45 minutes (`dU`).  This calculator can tell you 36 hours (`p`).  
  • A cement factory wants to know how long it will take to produce 960 cubic yards of concrete if it that can produce 12 cubic yards(`vU`) of concrete every 90 minutes(`dU`).  This calculator can tell you five days (`p`). 

Consumption examples:

  • A town has a resevoir of 60,3000 liters in a water tower.  The town wants to know how long that will last if the town that consumes 670 liters (`vU`) of water every day(`dU`). This calculator computes an answer of 90 days (`p`).  

Volume Units

Volume is a three dimensional quantity, and can be computed by the product of three orthogonal lengths (V = l • w • h) or by an area times an orthogonal length (V = A • d).  

         vCalc's Length Units
(mm3) cubic millimeters (m3) cubic meters Liquid Ounce (U.K.) (bu) Bushel tablespoon
 (cm3) cubic centimeters (in3) cubic inch Liquid Ounce (U.S.) smidgen cup
 (mL) milliliters (ft3) cubic foot Liquid Gallon (U.S.) pinch pint
 (L) Liters(yd3) cubic yard Dry Gallon (U.S.) dash quart
 (km3) cubic kilometers (mi3) cubic mile Liquid Gallon (U.K.) teaspoon barrel

vCalc provides automatic conversions between length units.  A Volume Conversion Calculator can be found by CLICKING HERE.  

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