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Annual Interest
Periods per Year
Number of Years
Starting Balance
periodic payment
calculate future value

Compound interest calculations are used to calculate the value of your assets and your liabilities. The calculator tells you how much you your money will be worth in the future as well as how much you need to pay to pay off a loan like a mortgage or a credit card.

This calculator will allow you to enter ANY FIVE of these and calculate the sixth:

(a) the annual interest rate

(b) the number of periods in the year

(c) the number of years

(d) the starting balance (negative for loans and positive for investments)

(e) your monthly payment

(f) the final balance.

You can use this calculator in a variety of ways, such as:

  • For mortgage loans you will usually set (f) the final balance to zero and calculate (e) your monthly payment.
  • For Credit Card repayments you will probably set (f) the final balance to zero and calculate (c) the number of years it will take to pay off the balance.
  • For investments you will probably set (e) your monthly payment to zero and calculate (f) the final balance
  • For savings plans you might set (d) the starting balance to zero and calculate (f) the final balance